Admission at the hospital

Admission at the hospital

If your condition requires hospitalization, at the local registration desk you will be informed about the possibilities for your treatment and stay – choice of a treating team, a room and additional facilities, as well as the cost of your treatment, if you don’t have a referral from your treating physician, or if you have to pay extra /for additional services, specific consumables, etc/.

You may be admitted for in-patient treatment after consultation with a specialist from the Diagnostics and Consultation block in one of the three ways:

1. As a person with obligatory health insurance with Referral No 3 /for consultation/ from your GP or specialist. The admission for in-patient treatment, regardless of whether you have the necessary referral, is done only after an assessment by the respective specialist from the Diagnostics and Consultation block of the hospital. Referral No 7 for hospitalization may be issued to you by MEDLINE, irrespective of whether you have had a checkup paid by the National Health Insurance Fund, or you have paid for the consultation – according to the pricelist of the hospital.

1. If you don’t have health insurance or the necessary referral, you will stay at the hospital against payment according to the pricelist of the hospital.

2. As a person with private health insurance, your expenses shall be covered by your Health Fund. Ask first the registration officer whether the hospital has an agreement with your Health Fund.

Clinical pathways

Please, check the list of the clinical pathways for in-patient treatment, for which Medline Hospital has a contract with the National Health Insurance Fund.

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