Treathment expenses coverage

Treathment expenses coverage

Patients with obligatory health insurance

MEDLINE Diagnostics and Consultation Center and MEDLINE General Hospital for Active Treatment, have a contract with the National Health Insurance Fund. According to the Bulgarian legislation, every person with obligatory health insurance has a free access to our hospital. The patient does not pay for the treatment covered by the National Health Insurance Fund, except for a consumer’s fee for the stay at the hospital. All additional services (such as selection of treating team, single room and other facilities, medications and consumables not covered by the NHIF), are paid by the patient according to the hospital pricelist. You will be informed and your consent asked, if you need to make additional payment.

Patients paying for their treatment

If you don’t have health insurance or referral for consultation, test or treatment, you shall pay according to the pricelist of the Consultation Center and the Hospital. Upon your admission, after the initial clinical checkup, you will be informed about the cost of the necessary treatment through an initial estimated cost, which is filled at the reception office. In advance are paid the cost of the medical package, the selection of treating team and some consumables, which will be used for your treatment. If during your stay additional manipulations and consumables are necessary, you will be informed about them and about the change of the final amount.

Patients with private health insurance

Medline Hospital has agreements with a number of health-insurance funds. According to these agreements, your expenses will be covered by the respective health fund.

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