Medical services in Medline Hospital

Home Care

The service provides partial (hourly) or repeated visitations by professional nurses, or other therapeutic services provided by physiotherapists, dieticians, psychologists, social workers, clerics, available for the provision of services to patients in their homes. These are highly professional cares, the purpose of which is to help patients live independently, providing them with a better quality of life. The range of cares is coordinated with GPs in order to implement their administrations by “being their eyes and ears”. The most important requirement is the provision of dedicated cares from the heart where patients would like to have them – mostly in the comfort of their homes. Imagine receiving highly professional care from a medical nurse or a physiotherapist while also being taught how to live independently so that you could stay home. It is exactly this which the Home Care service provides. The service helps patients to recover after health problems, surgical operations and hospital therapy. The Home Care service also helps in cases of patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, COPD or arthritis. To put it simply, Home Care in the home of the patients enables them to recover quickly by staying home and leading a complete life.

How much does Home Care cost to patients?

Depending on the specific problem, a pricelist is applied in the payment for the frequency and type of service provided. All of these services are discussed in advance between a representative of the company and patients or their relatives.

A full range of cares is offered:

  1. Professional medical nurses
  2. Physiotherapist
  3. Cardiac and pulmonary care
  4. Neurorehabilitation
  5. Dressing
  6. Intravenous therapy
  7. Pain and disease management
  8. Drug management and educating the patient regarding their treatment
  9. Training patients to be independent
  10. Therapy and exercise in cases with patients having difficulty keeping their balance which might lead to injury.

The goal of Medline Hospital to provide the highest level of provision of these services, namely:


  • best trained specialists in the area
  • permanent introduction and application of latest approaches to patient care so that they could remain in their homes
  • the most significant difference from other Home Care clinics is that care should be based not only on scientific or clinical background, it must also be given from the heart.

Hairdresser and Cosmetic Services

If you wish to receive hairdresser or cosmetic services, you will need to book one day in advance. Payment for hairdresser or cosmetic services is made after service completion at the reception desk of the corresponding department. Patients who wish to make an arrangement for hairdresser or cosmetic services need to inform the medical nurse.

  • Hairdresser: Monday – Friday, 15:30-19:00
  • Beautician: Tuesday – Saturday, 15:00-19:00

Services for Hearing-Impaired People

The programme ensures access to effective communication for hearing-impaired patients and their families. Services, including sign language, hearing assisting equipment and other assistance devices are free.

Notary Public

Notary Publics are patients’ representatives so they can assist you in filling in any official documents. To use notary services, call 0878 656 684.

Leisure-Time Reading

From Monday to Thursday, from 8:00 to 12:00 am, Leisure-time reading offers patients a large collection of books, magazines and biographies about history, travel, sport and health, which are available to use for free. Large print books are provided for patients with vision impairment.

VIP Services

Due to the fact that we are addressed by many public figures, our highly qualified personnel now offers the following VIP services:

  • Accommodation in luxurious hotels
  • Limousine transports
  • Helicopter
  • Limousine use during the period of your stay
  • Physical protection
  • Personal assistant (available 24/7)
  • Cultural programme
  • Accommodation according to the requirements of your religion
  • Individual dietary regime
  • Child care by members of staff speaking your language (optional physical protection at your request)
  • Translation and interpretation services
  • Other

Depending on the location of the centre that you have chosen, we offer the following services as well:

  • Consultation and examination (including ultrasound procedures) by our senior consultants directly in your hotel room
  • Yacht trips
  • Water ski
  • Jet ski
  • Golf
  • Luxury shopping
  • Casino visit
  • Night club visit with an attendant

The prices of listed services are calculated on the basis of costs. Advance payment is advisable.


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